The Tongue and Lung Lady

Doris M Waite, RDH

Certified Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist
Registered Buteyko Breathing Educator
The Tongue and Lung Lady

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Doris is extremely knowledgeable in all areas relating to breathing and proper tongue function. We have benefitted from her knowledge at all stages of this process: from the intake interview, to the myofunctional exercises, to her presence at the frenectomy and help with recovery afterwards, to the Buteyko breathing exercises. I feel empowered by the knowledge she shares with us, to be able to take action towards improving our health.

She is always very encouraging with my 8 year old daughter, and my daughter really likes meeting with her. Even when I feel we have hit a wall with a particular exercise and like there won’t be a way around it, Doris always has surprising and effective ideas to make them work and to get the right muscles working.

Myofunctional therapy is definitely hard work and we have found it very challenging, but Doris has been great at helping us to keep it up. Having our appointments remotely has been surprisingly effective and she is always easy to reach if we have any questions. She is professional, well-organized and always pleasant. I would definitely recommend her to anyone curious about the role of the tongue relating to proper breathing, tooth alignment and overall health.

M.F. January 2021

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