Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what my past clients have said.

Doris Waite is one of the most positive and encouraging health care professionals I have experienced. She is dedicated to improving her clients’ quality of life and enriches the journey by teaching about the workings of the human body throughout the sessions. Thank you!

We have been fortunate to have Doris as our guide throughout our journey of preparing for our children’s functional tongue tie-release surgery over the past year. Through her Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy and Buteyko Breathing program, we have felt fully supported and encouraged as we continue to see positive changes in our children’s oral health and overall wellbeing. Thus far, the program has helped them with everything from mouth breathing, snoring and restless sleep to blocked noses, ear infections, and focus! The journey has been hard work, but very rewarding. Our 6 and 10-year-olds both look forward to telling Doris about their progress each week, with our son especially proud of his success in stopping his finger-sucking due to her fun and exciting Sucking Cessation Program. He was successful in breaking a habit he had formed at birth, in as little as a few weeks, with her! Doris’s approach is truly holistic, by getting to the root of the problem, as opposed to simply treating the symptoms. She cares about children, their health, and protecting their beautiful facial structures. We highly recommend Doris and are grateful for the hard work she has put in alongside our children, and to help our family. We are grateful to have found The Tongue and Lung Lady. Thank you, Doris!

Sara O.
Sturgeon Falls, ON
March 2023

Doris has been amazing with both myself and my son! She is very knowledgeable, pleasant and supportive.
She is great with kids and has made this myofunctional therapy journey fun for my 7 year old son. She goes above and beyond her duties and you can tell she really cares about her clients. Doris is excellent and I would definitely recommend her!

Durham, ON
April 2022

I highly recommend Doris Waite!
She has been a phenomenal myofunctional therapist and has gone above and beyond what I would have imagined this process would be like. I have been seeing Doris for approximately one year now. I was very nervous and hesitant to start therapy, as I have been to several providers regarding my TMJ issues and because of this, I don’t trust very easily. I was in a bad place when I began therapy, but I’m doing a lot better now than I was when I started.
Doris has been with me throughout my journey and she has been a great advocate by talking to my other providers when needed, to coordinate my treatment. I have been seeing Doris virtually. Although I was initially worried about not going to a myofunctional therapist in person, it actually has worked out very well, and it has actually been more convenient this way!
When I had my tongue tie release done, Doris was able to be “there” virtually, which was very helpful since she knew me better than my dentist/provider. She and my dentist were able to converse about my symptoms and my release, and the expectations of my exercises, post-surgery.
Doris is very knowledgeable in her field, and she has taught me a ton about my mouth/tongue, which has been very helpful in my treatment.
I would recommend Doris to anyone! She has been an amazing therapist, and I really appreciate her!!

Heather F.
Sept 2021

“Doris is extremely knowledgeable in all areas relating to breathing and proper tongue function. We have benefitted from her knowledge at all stages of this process: from the intake interview, to the myofunctional exercises, to her presence at the frenectomy and help with recovery afterwards, to the Buteyko breathing exercises. I feel empowered by the knowledge she shares with us, to be able to take action towards improving our health.
She is always very encouraging with my 8 year old daughter, and my daughter really likes meeting with her. Even when I feel we have hit a wall with a particular exercise and like there won’t be a way around it, Doris always has surprising and effective ideas to make them work and to get the right muscles working.
Myofunctional therapy is definitely hard work and we have found it very challenging, but Doris has been great at helping us to keep it up. Having our appointments remotely has been surprisingly effective and she is always easy to reach if we have any questions. She is professional, well-organized and always pleasant. I would definitely recommend her to anyone curious about the role of the tongue relating to proper breathing, tooth alignment and overall health.”          

Jan 2021


I sought help from Doris in learning the Buteyko Breathing technique in order to help relieve the anxiety that has plagued me for years.  After five sessions, I have had a reduction in that anxiety, as well as the ability to reduce symptoms when they occur. In addition, other minor health issues have shown a decrease in severity with this new found technique of breathing.  It is a truly wonderful feeling to find natural alternatives in treating heath issues that can diminish ones quality of life.

Karen M.
Owen Sound, ON

Lethargy and Sleep Apnoea

I was a mouth breather for many years and had sleep apnoea and didn’t realize it. I used to wake up every morning feeling tired, sluggish and thick headed and feel that way all day long. I would fall asleep on the couch in the evening while trying to watch a movie. At my initial consultation with Doris, I decided that the Buteyko Breathing method sounded like the answer to fixing my lethargy. In less than three weeks of breathing correctly, I’d wake up after a solid night’s sleep feeling totally refreshed. My energy levels have increased so much that even my husband has commented on the difference he sees in me. I do feel like a different person and I even get to see the end of the movie now. Buteyko breathing exercises are working for me!

Jan H.
Owen Sound, ON

Blocked Nose

For the past 7 years, I have been unable to breathe through my nose.  Doris gave me some exercises to unblock my nose and although it took a few weeks, I can now breathe through my nose all the time!  I am sleeping better, feeling more rested when I wake up and am so delighted that I can once again use my nose for breathing.  Thanks Doris for helping me out.

Jan Shortt
Owen Sound, ON


I was having problems with fatigue and feeling exhausted at the end of a normal day.  Doris showed me how to breathe through my nose all the time and provided the information I needed to breathe properly and get the most out of the breaths I was taking. 
I have so much more energy now and go to bed tired but not exhausted. 
Thanks Doris for improving my life.  At 80 years of age, I didn’t think it was possible to feel this well again!

May R.
Owen Sound, ON

Myofunctional Therapy

AMAZING RESULTS WITH EASY EXERCISES…My 12 year old son had multiple issues including excessive saliva, drooling, mouth breathing, difficulty chewing food and swallowing, flared upper front teeth with a gaping mouth posture. He had difficulty pronouncing many words and couldn’t even stick out his tongue!
With the simple daily exercises Doris instructed him in he was able to overcome all of the above issues.
Thank you so much Doris for giving him the tools to correct this!

Lise B.
Owen Sound, ON

I’m Feeling Better with Buteyko Breathing!

WOW, the results are AMAZING!!!! Within weeks of completing the Buteyko breathing course I feel significantly healthier!
Having suffered from CFS(chronic fatigue syndrome) for the last 4.5 years my energy and stamina are continuing to improve! Best of all I’m taking less of my meds for asthma and sinus with my goal being to completely wean myself from them.
Who would have guessed that correcting my hyperventilation would have cured me of so many ailments?
The course was easy to complete with Doris expertly guiding me through.
She was able to help me where numerous physicians had failed.
Many thanks Doris!!!!

Lise B.
Owen Sound, ON

Thumb Sucking

My daughter has sucked her thumb since the day she was born.  Trying to get her to stop sucking her thumb has been a frustrating experience until we met Doris.  Every bug that was at daycare, came home because of her thumb sucking.  Her teeth were really being affected by her thumb always being in her mouth.  The top were pushed out and the bottoms in.  We tried putting nail polish that tasted bad, spices and even duct tape on her thumb to make her stop.  Nothing worked.  We had talked to our dentist and were told that we could try having a dental device implanted in her mouth that would not allow her to suck.  It seemed rather invasive and she was too young to even try.  Then we heard of Doris and her thumb sucking cessation program.  Her program was easy to do and it worked.  In a month, my daughter no longer ever sucks her thumb.  She enjoyed the process and feels really good about what she has accomplished.  In a month, her teeth have visibly started to straighten back to what they should be.  I would 100% recommend Doris Waite to anyone who is wanting to help their child to stop sucking their thumb.

Kelly W.
Owen Sound, ON

Sleep Apnoea in a 7 year old

My 7 year old daughter has had sleep apnoea since she was 3 years old.  Doctors removed her tonsils and adenoids in hopes that this would cure it.  After a year, her sleep apnoea was back to where we had begun, just as bad.  We didn’t know what to do for her as most of the avenues we took would come up without results.
Doris was recommended to us from our family dentist and she has been a God send!!  My daughter’s teeth have been going back to normal, her sleeping patterns have improved, she has greater concentration at school and overall is a much happier little girl.
Doris has a wonderful method to improve breathing function and improve your quality of life and for my little girl, building tongue and facial muscles so her face can develop properly to prevent her from needing surgery when she is older.
I can highly recommend Doris to anyone with sleep apnoea!

Sarah H.
Wiarton, ON

Allergies and Sleep Apnoea

For my entire life, I have suffered from allergies in the spring and fall to the point where I was totally debilitated and could not go outside without taking hoards of medication.  Doris said she could help me reduce my allergies with the Breathing Therapy so I decided to give it a try.  She also said that it would also help eliminate my sleep apnoea.
In the winter of 2013, I took the course just totally dreading the upcoming allergy season that the spring would bring.  During the course, my snoring and sleep apnoea stopped and I was waking up feeling refreshed and rested instead of walking around like a zombie all day, falling asleep at any opportunity!  I thought if this could help my allergies even a little, it was totally worth the cost and effort.
When spring came and the pollen started to fly, I couldn’t believe it!  I didn’t need my antihistamine, could go for walks without itchy eyes and a runny nose and felt absolutely great!  It was hard to believe that by just changing my breathing, I had improved my quality of life by leaps and bounds!  My sleep apnoea is gone and my wife says I only snore very infrequently.
Thank you Doris for helping me out.  Now instead of dreading allergy season, it just comes and goes without my even noticing it!

Dorian S.
Owen Sound, ON

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