Buteyko Breathing

Buteyko Breathing

Buteyko Breathing is all about a natural way to achieve optimal health. It’s hard to believe that improper breathing may be the basis for many of our everyday health issues but many people can testify to their improved health after completing the course. (Check out my Testimonial Page)

Buteyko Breathing is a simple way to move from unhealthy to healthy. With symptoms such as: high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, asthma, allergies, obstructive sleep apnea, snoring and many more, you can learn how to breathe in a healthy way to get your body to stop fighting itself and just be healthy. No gimmicks or gadgets, just the power of your own breath.

Change Your Breathing,
Change Your Health,
Change Your Life

Through a series of exercises and teaching sessions, I can help you to breathe in a rhythmic, healthy way to reduce and/or eliminate your:

  • anxiety
  • asthma
  • allergies
  • sleep apnoea
  • snoring
  • high blood pressure

Get your life back again, do the things you USED to do before you became so ill. This is a non medical, doctor developed method of changing your health for good!

History of Buteyko Breathing Technique

Dr. Konstantin Buteyko was a physician in Russia during the 1950’s when he was assigned to observe the breathing of patients who were very close to death. The observations he made there led him to believe that changing the rate and mode of breathing could reverse the symptoms that many of these people suffered. He himself had suffered daily from headaches and had dangerously high blood pressure (220/110) and so decided to try this on himself. He was able to reduce his own blood pressure to normal levels, eliminate his headaches and also reduced his tendency to become anxious.

When he approached the State about his findings, they didn’t recognize this as a viable treatment so assigned him to “cure” 48 extremely ill patients, just by breathing retraining. Much to their surprise, he did! There were 2 of the 48 who required more time to recover but the results were printed to say that he had only cured 2 of the 48 patients. He was not discouraged and kept on teaching his breathing technique to anyone he could.

Finally in the early 1980’s, the State recognized his breathing technique as being an effective, non surgical and drug free way to cure many people from many commonly seen symptoms such as asthma, bronchiostasis, anxiety, blocked nasal passages, high blood pressure and others.

In 1989, a weathly businessman from Australia was visiting Russia when he was hospitalized for angina. While there he was treated by Dr. Buteyko, was taught his breathing exercises and once he had tried it for himself with excellent positive results, he sponsored two doctors to travel to Australia to train others to become Buteyko Breathing Educators.

Dr. Stamalsky trained many people in Australia including a couple from New Zealand who began to spread the news of this wonderful cure for asthma. The Starks had a child who was severly ill from asthma and who was close to reaching maximum dosages of medication.

Since the early 1990’s, the Buteyko Breathing technique has travelled around the world to Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand, United States and Japan. It has helped thousands of people to become free from asthma symptoms and their medications, assisted children to nose breathe so their faces, mouths and teeth can grow properly (thus saving their parents thousands of dollars in orthodontic bills!), helped people with Obstructive Sleep Apnea to be rid of their CPAP machine and cured many others of anxiety, snoring, high blood pressure, blocked noses and chronic fatigue syndrome.

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I was having problems with fatigue and feeling exhausted at the end of a normal day.  Doris showed me how to breathe through my nose all the time and provided the information I needed to breathe properly and get the most out of the breaths I was taking.