Dr. Karen Bonuck is a PhD who has done extensive research on children’s breathing, specifically sleep disturbed breathing. Check out this video from her research.


Mouthbreathing in children

Dr. Mercola on Patrick McKeown’s new book “Oxygen Advantage”.

Breathing techniques for better health and fitness.

Interview of Joy Moeller

Listen to Joy Moeller talk about OMT to Dr. Mercola about orofacial myofunctional therapy and the benefits of correct tongue posture and function.

Article about Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

This article talks about many things that we would never associate to a tongue that is not sitting in the right place. From breast feeding to sleep apnea, this is a must read.

Buteyko Educator from Argentina on asthma and sleep apnea in a child

Here is a great one, a child with asthma and sleep apnea.

Mouthbreathing animated video

Check out this video that explains all of the problems that will come from this one bad habit. Does this look like anyone you know?

Dr. Mercola endorses Buteyko Breathing to improve health and fitness

It is my intention to share the simplest, most inexpensive yet effective natural strategies to help you optimize your health, and it doesn’t get any simpler or more affordable than learning to breathe properly.

Sleep Apnea Exercises

Would you believe that Sleep Apnea can be resolved by doing mouth and tongue exercises? Check out the link below to hear a doctor speaking about it.

How Eating Different Foods affects Speech Development in Babies

There is a link between how your toddler eats and how they later learn to speak

Dr. Mercola’s Sunday Newsletter

It is an endorsement that dysfunctional breathing is problematic and reversal of it can relieve symptoms and may save lives as Dr. Mercola points out


Dr. Larry Kotlow is a leading advocate for promoting successful breastfeeding and trains professionals world wide how to correctly do revisions for babies, children and adults.


Dr. Bobby Ghaheri is an ENT specialist in Portland, OR and is a major supporter of breastfeeding. He began to understand the implications that TOT can have on a baby’s ability to feed by experiencing these difficulties with his own children. Since then, he has advocated for revision based on the symptoms found during breastfeeding.

Dying to Breathe

Glenn White almost died from asthma, not once but three times in one week! Read his amazing discovery of Buteyko Breathing and how it changed his life.

How mouth breathing affects facial growth and development

Finding Connor Deegan

This is the story of a very distressed young boy whose life was changed by changing his breathing